Growing up in a small town in southern New Hampshire, Michael has always been driven to explore life.  He is an artist at heart.  Creativity, curiosity, and a desire to learn brought him to NYC in 2008.  By putting himself out there, Michael was able to step into the fashion world as an assistant and then digital tech for many different photographers.  This introduction to creative teams of stylists, hair and makeup, art-directors, and clients, forged his realization of what he had been searching for. Photography was the perfect way to channel his vision into something real, something to be proud of, and something he could share with others.

After spending years developing his personal style, Michael has embraced both his creative ability and his technical skills.  Now as you can see, both have found their way into his work.  He has also done his own production in the past and understands the entire process of a photoshoot.  From mood-boards and concepts, to editing and retouching the final images of a shoot, Michael is able to lead his team through each step of the way.

He is always looking for his next goal or challenge to take his career to the next level.  Whether that is in New York, Miami, or elsewhere, Michael is ready for whatever comes next.


Clients:  Victor Alfaro | Ann Taylor | Bloomingdales | Macy's | The Limited | Vente Privee´ | Wink | Vogue | Vanity Fair | Splashlight Studios

Agencies:  Women-Direct | Ford | IMG | Wilhelmina | ONE Management | MC2 | Major | RED | Fusion


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